Points of You Games

We believe that everything has countless
points of view.
People, objects, experiences, places – everything.
Countless points of view. 

When we don’t understand something or someone,
it is probably because our perspective is too limited for us
to see. And when we can’t see, we can’t decide, we feel
stuck. We find it hard to take the next step. 

Our tools inspire us to start moving in search of new points
of view. We look deep inside ourselves and all around us.
It is a stimulating exploration that sharpens our senses and
opens up new possibilities.

The Coaching Game 

The Coaching Game features 65 associative cards that explore significant everyday life themes.

A colorful and thought-provoking book expands each theme through stories, quotes, interpretations and more photos. 4 process maps offer structured method, with the cards, to examine our own issues, and the focus notes assist in turning insights into actions.

The Coaching Game has been translated into 19 languages and has been highly praised by professionals around the world.

The Coaching Game includes:

  • 65 photo cards
  • 4 process maps
  • Colorful inspiration book
  • Focus notes
  • Environmentally friendly canvas case

Faces is a powerful way to get to know ourselves through the
observation of others.

Faces helps us to get to know our significant others from newperspectives; it raises questions regarding our relationships and theparts we choose to take in them.

Faces can be used in many ways. The 4 process maps included inthe game suit independent and one on one work. Faces can alsowork in different sized groups.

Faces includes:

  • 99 photo cards
  • 58 reflection cards
  • 8 blank reflection cards
  • 4 process maps
  • Colorful inspiration book
  • 1 real mirror card

Punctum fosters associative connections between photos, themes and questions.

These flexible combinations make it a fascinating tool, highly effective in dynamic therapy, coaching and counseling. A booklet offering suggestions on how to play Punctum in different settings is also included.

Punctum includes:

  • 33 photo cards
  • 33 theme cards
  • 33 question cards
  • Process map
  • How-to booklet
  • Environmentally friendly denim case